Humanities is taught by Ms. Small. The class focuses on breaking down what it means to be human. We have covered many topics, such as technology and race/identity, through a variety of readings, presentations, and class discussions.

Our first essay in Hum was related to two short stories by Ray Bradbury: “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” and “The Pedestrian.” Both stories detailed the effects technology had on people and we were tasked with analyzing which story more effectively communicated this message regarding technology. I enjoyed reading these Ray Bradbury stories and getting to analyze both the pros and cons he details in technology. You can read my essay below:

When looking back at the origin of humans, we learned about some of the earliest civilizations that showed the shift from hunter-gatherers into cities. Every group was assigned a civilization and they were tasked with discovering important information about that civilization such as geography, economy, art, government, religion, etc. In addition, every group had to create a fun activity for the audience in their presentation.

My group was assigned Mesopotamia and we came up with the unique idea, for the fun activity, to make everyone go through a “choose your own adventure” story where every choice was based on information in our presentation. We also came up with some funny “punishments” if people picked the wrong choice. This presentation was a lot of fun and it was one of the first presentations I got to do inside the Mass Academy building. You can see my group’s slide below: