Advanced French is taught by Mme. Wildfong. In the class, we only use French which helps us improve our listening and speaking skills. We mainly learn from reading books and watching films. We have read Les MisĂ©rables and watched films such as La Belle et La BĂȘte and Azur et Asmar.

After our first unit on fairy tales, we were assigned to write our own fairy tales. I decided to continue the story of a talking rabbit named Pickles, a character I had created and wrote stories about with my friends back in 7th grade. In this story, Pickles must help a farmer and his daughter when a mean king comes to steal all their food. You can read my fairy tale below:

After finishing fairy tales, we had to follow a French recipe and make a dish for our families. Afterwards, we made a presentation on the steps in our recipe. This was around Halloween so I made a pumpkin soup to use up the pumpkin I carved. My family thought it was delicious and it was fun to get in the kitchen and cook something new. You can see my recipe presentation below: