Alina Shkurikhina | Mass Academy

Who am I?

It’s something we all would like to know, isn’t it? The concept of identity is simultaneously compelling and frightening, much like any other quest of discovery…


But the simple answer is: I am Alina Shkurikhina, a junior at the Mass Academy of Math and Sciences. I have two little sisters and a dog named Denver. Being the eldest sibling, I am responsible, independent, and, according to a magical source, better at learning another language (a curious correlation). I have a myriad of interests, from mathematics, biochemistry, and ornithology to dancing, music, and pyrography, and I owe much of that to my wonderful family, coaches, and teachers. After spending my first decade of education in the Shrewsbury Public Schools, I felt prepared to apply to this school and luckily enough, here I am! I am enthusiastic about all the adventures that lie ahead of me and I’m ready to embrace the uncertainty of the future.

If you love math as much as I do, you may enjoy some fun (and prime!) numbers:

Age (years): 222

Height (inches): 61

Birthday: 3/29

Grade: 11

Letters in last name: 11

Favorite number: 17

Tesla stocks owned: 0!