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About me

My life

I live with my mother, father, younger sister, and my dog. Both my parents immigrated to the United States from India before I was born. My dad works in finance in Boston, and my mom is a data analyst for a biotech startup. My little sister is currently in the 5th grade, and even though we sometimes don’t get along, I would never ever trade her for anything. We have a lot of inside jokes that just the two of us understand, and we used to have our own secret language. My dog is probably the highlight of my days. I’ll come home from school and see him waiting for me and it makes a bad day so much better. His name is Nawab and we adopted him during quarantine, but it’s probably been the best decision I have ever made in my life! The picture on the far right is of a concert me and my friend, Ashwina, who also goes to MAMS.

my dog, Nawab me and my sister at the India-Pakistan border my dog again The Weeknd concert!


I love traveling anywhere, whether it be a weekend to Cape Cod or a month in India. I really find it fun to have that experience, and I really like airports and sort of the hustle and rush in them. I have traveled to a lot of countries, like Great Britain, India, Nepal, Canada, Mexico, and the Netherlands. I also have been to many states, like Hawaii and Alaska, which have to be some of the most beautiful places I've visited. Overall, I think I have been to 25 of the states, and my goal is to get to all 50 before I turn 21. My favorite trip or place I have visited has been Hawaii.