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Physics at Mass Academy is taught by Mrs. Chase. In physics class, students have the option to choose between one of two tracks for the curriculum. Students are able to choose between the algebra track and the calculus track.

Kinematics Lab

This lab was for our first unit, kinematics which is the study of motion (like velocity and acceleration). For this lab, my partner was Nicole Plotnik and we had to questions to investigate. We had a battery car and we held multiple trials to figure out if the car moved at constant velocity or with constant acceleration. After collecting data, we applied kinematic equations to get our values of velocity and acceleration, and wrote a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning paper to support our conclusion. Here is the link to the document.

Dynamics Lab

This lab was for our second unit on forces in physics, called dynamics. For this lab, I was partnered with Naga Vikram, and we chose to investigate whether the coefficient of kinetic friction, the ratio between friction force and normal force, differs when the surface area of an object differs. The way we investigated this was by taking a wood block, and hypothetically all sides of the block have the same coefficient of friction. We then dragged different sides of the block that differed in surface area across the tiled floor and calculated the force of friction acting on the block. We were expecting to see the calculated coefficient to be relatively the same across each side, but we found that the smallest surface area had the second largest coefficient of friction, producing the second largest force of friction. You can download the link here.