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French is a full immersion class and taught by Mrs. Wildfong. In Intermediate French, we learn to conjugate verbs, learn proper grammar and sentence structure, give presentations, and immerse ourselves in French culture.

Recette Presentation

This presentation was for our passé compose unit, or where we learned how to write French verbs in the past tense. We had to choose either an appetizer, entrée, or dessert to cook for a French section potluck, and I chose to make chocolate mousse. The mousse was super easy to make and everyone loved it! We then had to present a slideshow on the steps and ingredients for our dish. Here is the slideshow.

Daily Routine Essay

This essay was written about a typical day at MAMS to learn how to utilize reflexive French verbs (for example: I brush my teeth, the “brush my” is reflexive). Additionally, this essay has some past tense verbs, so while writing it, it felt like I was showing everything I learned about French grammar in A and B term. You can also click here to open the document in a new tab.