Inducing chronic inflammation in embryonic Danio rerio to assess symptomatic variations in those developing Alzheimer’s.

Importance of Research

Research and planning were the essential components of this project. It's what helped us come to a good project idea, and what kept us organized. It became really important to put all of our research into write-ups, because we now have them for reference.

Literature Review

After our research, we completed a Literature Review, which compiled all the journal articles we read into a research paper; it was the preface to writing our STEM Thesis.

Project Brief

Once we had decided on a topic, we wrote up our project plan, and it entailed the details of our project.


An example of the zebrafish at day 4 with 120 micrograms of Lead Oxide.

Project Notes

For A term and most of B term, we were researching for our project. We read a total of 20 journal articles and 2 patents, and through this research we were able to narrow down our ideas. We logged all of our readings in one document, so it was easy for us to reference.