Welcome to Math Modeling

Advanced Mathematical Modeling is taught by Mr. Regele. It is difficult to place this class into one category, as the topics we cover have a wide range. It mostly consists of doing problems from Philips Exeter Academy, and each term we do a different problem set. Alongside Exeter, each term we also do another problem set: so far we have done Pascal, Fibonnacci, and PCMI. Towards the end of the term, we partake in "Brickyard Sessions", also known as "A Gentle Exchange of Information," where we recap what we have learned in the term. Occasionally, we also compete in math competitions such as HiMCM and NEML.


One of the major competitions we took part in was the HiMCM. This was a 36-hour math competition which consisted of optimizing a model for one problem. There is a problem A and a problem B, and we worked in groups of 3 or 4. My group consisted of Garyth and Sreeja, and we chose Problem B. Our solution is posted below.


We also model problems on the software Mathematica frequently, and one of the recent tasks was to create a median-median regression line given a set of data points. My solution is below.