Welcome to Language

Advanced Immersion Spanish is taught by Señora Wildfong. This class is really quite enjoyable, and our class is structured through grammar, reading comprehension, and writing. I find that the atmosphere in Language is different than our other classes; while we still learn new topics every day, it is not stressful. In fact, stress from my other classes leaves my mind when I am in Language (probably because I am not fluent enough to worry in Spanish, but still).

Cuento de Niñez

In A term, we completed an essay that depicted a significant memory from our childhood. We had a lot of fun writing these essays because it allowed us to revisit a cherished time from the past. I chose to write about the days I used to skip classes in school in the 3rd grade; I had thought it was a great idea at the time, and I had tagged my friends along as well. Inevitably, we were caught (although after months?), and we faced the consequences. I no longer skip classes in school.

Listening Logs

Each term, we are required to watch/listen to spanish films/TV shows/music. We complete a log of what we listen to twice a week, and each session is at least 30 minutes long. I usually watch La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) or listen to music. Below are my listening logs for A term.