Welcome to Humanities

Advanced humanities is taught by Ms. Small, and our class is structured through discussions, essays, and classwork. The class focuses on what it means to be human, and our readings are usually heavy on exploring human nature and behavior. Humanities challenges us to think beyond the normal pace of life. Our discussions are fruitful and give us an insight into the thoughts of our peers; it is always interesting how different our ideas are, which is ironic since we do seem to be like-minded individuals.

Rhetorical Analysis

One of the larger topics we covered was the satirical writing style. We explored a range of texts and made our own satires. To wrap up the unit, we completed a rhetorical analysis; I chose to compare an argumentative article to a satirical piece on the topic of animal cruelty to assert which approach and usage of rhetorical devices was more effective. My essay is below.

Bradbury Essay

The first essay we completed was a comparative analysis between two texts to assert which text more effectively conveyed the thesis. My essay is below.