Welcome to Computer Science

Advanced computer science is taught by Mrs. Taricco; she has been a great help to me as I did not know even the basics. For the first part of the year, we worked on our websites in HTML and CSS (as you can see). For Bterm, the class was structured through exercises, labs, and tests. The exercises let us practice the foundations while the labs let us apply the foundations. The tests are a way to assess our knowledge on a larger group of topics.

Apps for Good

Problem and Target Audience

Many people want to form a habit of going to the gym but do not know where to start. Personal trainers can be expensive, so this app aims to provide the guidance of a trainer and recommend personalized workouts to the user. These workouts would be based on various personal statistics like diet and experience in the gym, and overall help the user create a healthier lifestyle by helping them reach their goal.


This app provides personalized workouts based on user input such as goals (how much they want to lift for each exercise if they want to lose weight or just maintain fitness), weight, experience, frequency of workouts, diet (protein intake), and age. All of these can be selected from a list of ranges and can be changed later on the profile page. Based on this information, a certain number of sets and reps of a list of exercises will be suggested to the user based on our algorithm. Each workout is logged upon completion, and their progress over time is displayed visually in the form of charts and graphs to help keep the user motivated to progress. Their progress towards their goal would also be displayed as a bar that gets progressively more full as they get closer to their goal. On the homepage, a snapshot of each section - workouts, progress, a summary of the previous workout - would be displayed, along with a positive inspirational quote that would change regularly.


1. Personalized workouts: customize based on goals, body weight, experience, frequency, diet, etc.

2. Track progress: provide a report of the progress (visually) and future goals.

3. Positive inspirational quotes every day to enhance motivation.


Magic Squares

One of the exercises we worked on was Magic Squares, where all the rows, columns, and diagonals add up to the same value. The user is asked for an odd number n, and the program prints an output with n rows and columns. Here is the code.

Bulgarian Solitare

Another exercise I enjoyed completing was Bulgarian Solitare. This is a game where there are N cards to begin, and a number of piles with a random number of cards in each pile are made. Then, the configuration is manipulated according to the rules of the game, until the final configuration is such that when N is a triangular number, N = 1 + 2 + ... + k for some k. Here is the code.