Chemical Engineering at WPI

Research Focus:

The Teixeira group utilizes fundamental reaction engineering principles to unlock the mysteries driving kinetic and catalytic systems. Active research areas include: 1) micro-crystallization of inorganic materials (zeolites) to understand mechanistic crystal growth, 2) engineering new catalytic pathways utilizing non-classical heterogeneous catalysis (dynamics), 3) catalytic hydorthermal liquefaction for waste to energy, 4) pharmaceutical flow chemistry for continuous microreaction engineering, 5) liquid gallium batteries and solid oxide fuel cells, 6) membraneless water filtration by diffusiophoresis. .



Applied Research:

Working within reaction engineering allows for an expansive scope to apply fundamental approaches to diverse problems. This allows our group to operate within the classical chemical space (Energy, Green Chemistry, etc.), while also exploring transport and materials related to diverse industries (Pharmaceutical, Water, Fine Chemical, etc.).


Recent News:

  • December, 2019 - Congratulations to Heather LeClerc for receiving an NSF Travel Award to present her work at the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in NYC.
  • November 2019 - Heather LeClerc is elected to the national board for Women in Chemical Engineering
  • October, 2019 - Congratulation to PhD students Cameron Armstrong and Heather LeClerc for winning NSF travel awards and presenting their research at the Unconventional Catalysis, Reactors and Applications in Zaragoza, Spain.
  • August, 2019 - Teixeira Group welcomes Heather LeClerc into the PhD program working toward unraveling complexities in catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction!
  • August, 2019 - Funding Award: ARMY STTR Phase II with Mainstream Engineering and Professor Elizabeth Stewart, "Membraneless Water Purification via Continuous, Self-Contained, Vacuum Assisted Diffusiophoresis,"
  • August, 2019 - Funding Award: DOE RAPID Education and Workforce Development, "Fundamentals of Batch to Continuous Process Conversion in Specialty and API Chemistries,"
  • August, 2019 - Funding Award: ARMY STTR Phase I with Mainstream Engineering, "Membraneless Water Purification via Vacuum Assisted Diffusiophoresis."
  • May, 2019 - Natti Jantakananuruk defends her thesis identifying thermal and concentration gradients in direct ammonia solid oxide fuel cells.
  • April, 2019 - Jacob Crislip wins WPI Graduate Research Innovation Exchange research poster
  • March, 2019 - Teixeira gives junior keynote at North American Symposium for Catalytic Reaction Engineering, Houston, TX
  • February, 2019 - Funding Award: AmplifyMass with Professor Mike Timko, "A Catalytic Process to Convert Municipal Solid Waste Components to Energy."
  • September, 2018 - Funding Award: DOE EREE multi-university grant led by Professor Mike Timko, "A Catalytic Process to Convert Municipal Solid Waste Components to Energy.,"
  • September, 2018 - Teixeira Group welcomes PhD Student, Jacob Crislip, using microcrystallization to understand zeolite synthesis!
  • May, 2018 - First graduate student out of the Teixeira Group. Congratulation MS student Jim Vicens, and excellent job building a lab and studying flow chemistry for zeolites!
  • February, 2018 - Cameron Armstrong wins Crommelin-Armiger scholarship for his work toward reducing air pollution and energy production.
  • December, 2017 - Jim Vicens wins first prize for his poster at New England Catalysis Society's Fall Meeting.
  • November, 2017 - Funding Award: ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable, "Enhanced Site-Accessibility for Solid-Phase Coupling in Hierarchical Materials."
  • October, 2017 - Funding Award: ACS Petroleum Research Fund, "Enhanced Zeolite Synthesis/Mechanism Assessment by Dynamically-Controlled Microcrystallization."
  • September, 2017 - Teixeira Group welcomes our first PhD Student, Cameron Armstrong, working on using dynamic catalysis to break classical barriers!
  • June 2017 - ASEE ChE Summer School Poster Award Winner: “Engaging 50 students in Transport Phenomena: Resources and Ideas,” Raleigh, NC
Chemical Engineering at WPI

Research Focus: