• Router (18:05)

    Vanellope and Ralph enter the router through an ethernet cable. It’s empty and useless until it’s connected to the internet. After that happens, they’re encapsulated into packets and shot back out, toward the internet.

  • Internet avatars (19:08)

    Real-life humans are represented by small, humanoid characters with square heads. We first see this when Mr. Litwak connects to the router. We later see crowds of real people represented by their avatars as they browse the internet

  • The Internet (20:11)

    The internet is represented as a vast, sprawling city, with buildings representing websites. Users fly around in bubbles and flying cars that presumably represent browsers or packets.

  • Search Engine (21:29)

    KnowsMore is the primary search engine in the movie. He stands behind a literal “Search Bar,” similar to real search engines.He suggests searches as the users input their query, and sends the flying off to their destination after the search is complete.

  • eBay (24:24)

    eBay is represented as a massive warehouse filled with booths where various items are being auctioned off.

  • Pop-up blocker (28:30)

    Spamley tries to get a woman to click his ad, but her pop-up blocker (represented by a bodyguard) punches him in the face to get rid of him. This represents how pop-up blockers makes their user’s internet experience safer and more pleasant, but makes life more difficult for advertisers and websites.

  • Gig Economy (29:47)

    Spamley offers Vanellope and Ralph money for bringing him specific in-game items so he can auction them off. He has a similar role to companies like Uber and Lyft, albeit not as reputable. They serve as middlemen, connecting people who can provide rides to people who will pay for them.

  • Viral Videos (40:03)

    Shank and her crew record a video of Ralph for the purpose of helping him make money. It goes viral on BuzzzTube and inspires him to create more viral videos

  • The Head Algorithm (43:29)

    The BuzzzTube Head Algorithm is represented by a lady named Yesss. It’s her job to keep up with the latest trends and what’s popular. She wears five unique outfits in different scenes, as well as changing her hairstyle and glasses to match what’s hip at any moment.

  • “BuzzzFace” (50:48)

    Like a cellphone, except it projects holograms of the person on the other end. Yesss gives one to both Ralph and Vanellope. It ends up being how Ralph overhears Vanellope’s conversation with Shank about how Slaughter Race feels like home.

  • Insecurity virus (1:11:25)

    This virus looks for insecurities and exploits and replicates them. This is representative of how real-world viruses often use phishing campaigns and social engineering that exploit someone’s emotions to trick them.