"How to Create Spanish Characters In Word97, WordPerfect9 or Other Word Processors?"
Prof. ngel A. Rivera, Dept of Humanities and Arts


How to create Spanish characters and other symbols in Word97 for Windows?

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If you own a computer you can create a permanent set of even shorter keystroke commands for international characters by using Word97 for Windows.

How to create Spanish characters in WordPerfect 9 for Windows?

Creating and editing keyboards

You can create a custom keyboard that lets you choose the keyboard shortcuts you use most. You can also add and remove keyboard shortcuts from the keyboards you have created or from the keyboards provided with WordPerfect 9 for Windows.

To create a keyboard

1. Click Tools, Settings.
2. Click Customize.
3. Click the Keyboards tab.
4. Click Create.
5. Type a name for the keyboard in the New Keyboard Name box.
6. Click OK.

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box opens.

7. Add keyboard shortcuts to the new keyboard.

To add a keyboard shortcut

1. Click Tools, Settings.
2. Click Customize.
3. Click the Keyboards tab.
4. Choose a keyboard from the Available Keyboards list box.
5. Click the Edit button.
6. Choose a keyboard shortcut combination from the Choose A Shortcut Key list box.
7. Click the following tab:

Keystrokes. (This lets you assign a shortcut that will insert a text string.)

8. Then press Ctrl + W and you will have a new window entitled Symbols. Press the button Set. Now the Multinational Set. (This contains many international characters) Choose (for example). Press Insert and Close at the bottom of the page.
9. Click the Assign To Key button.
10. Repeat the same procedure for other characters.

(Note that the symbols "" and "" do not appear under Multinational. They appear under the Typographic Symbols set)

To remove a keyboard shortcut

1. Follow steps 1 to 6 from the previous procedure.
2. Click the Remove Assignment button.

How to create Spanish character in any program?

1. Make sure that you have pressed the NumLock key on the numnber pad.

2. Press the following key combinations:

Alt + 160 =
Alt + 130 =
Alt + 161 =
Alt + 162 =
Alt + 163 =
Alt + 129 =
Alt + 164=
Alt + 173 =
Alt + 168 =