Prof. Ángel A. Rivera



D Term 2001
Kate Wheeler . "Translated Women." (MQP)

Diane Kavanagh. "La influencia de la historia en El Boom y Realismo Mágico, especialmente en Casa Tomada, Un señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes y La casa de los espíritus."  (MINOR/CAPSTONE)

C Term 2001
Kate Wheeler. "Translated Women"

B Term 2000
Teodoro Armenteros. "Analysis on HumanNature: Revolution and Ideal Politics in Latin America."  (SUFF)
 Nathan Chenarak. "Los resultados de la guerra hispanoamericana."  (MINOR/CAPSTONE)

Jennifer Hardy. “Spanish American Film: Los cambios en personajes principales en las películas del  Nuevo Cine Lationamericano.”

Kate Wheeler. "Translated Women."  (MQP)

A Term 2000
Name suppressed.  "Spanish American Authors and the Environment"  (SUFF) NR - Incomplete Work

E Term 2000 - Costa Rica Project Center, Saqn José. Coadvised the following projects with Prof. Roberto Pietroforte:
Janelle Arthur,  Elizabeth Caswell,  Katherine Wheeler.  "Recycling Post-Consumer Plastics in Santa Ana, Costa Rica." (MQP)

Jesse Halter,  Joseph McGrail,  Courtney Broughton. "Water Filtration and Re-circulation at a Banana Packing Plant." (MQP)

Anthony Christopher Durand,  Kevin Caudill,  Elionex Boardil Rodríguez.  "Alternatives for Power Generation Systems, Connectivity, and Environmental Testing." (MQP)

Nancy Bachescchi,  Brian Gilman,  Justin Lutz.  "Development of a Wellness Program for Costa Rican Firefighters." (MQP)

Katie Archer,  Kimberly Morin,  Jessa Thomas.  "Designing and Interactive Children’s Museum Exhibit." (MQP)

Michael S. Cuipa,  Kevin M. Keenaghan,  Paula P. Russomano.  "Performance Evaluation Solutions: Improving Service Quality at A Telephone Solicitation Service." (MQP)

Lauren Abrahansen,  Kate Johnson, James Ford.  "Aerial Tram." (MQP)

D Term 2000
Javier Ortiz.  "El ecoturismo, buen mercado para Latinoamérica." (SUFF)

Nancy Baccheschi. "La influencia de José Figueres en Costa Rica" (MINOR/CAPSTONE)

Brittany Noga. "The Meaning of Ancient Mexican Art." (SUFF)

A Term 1999
Miguel Maldonado. "The influence of Puerto Rican Leaders in the Cuban Independence and Their Influence on Puerto Rican Independent Movements." (SUFF)

David R. Llibre. "Patriotism in Salomé Ureña’s Poetry." (SUFF)

D Term 1999
Massimo Giorelli. "El caso Pinochet." (SUFF)
Hilda Justiniano. "Travel Writing in Mayra Montero." (SUFF)

C Term 1999
Leanna Del Grosso. "AIDS in Latin America." (SUFF)

Rodolfo Konig. "Eva Perón, Myth and History." (SUFF)

Joel Minsky. "Images and Stereotypes in Documentaries about Latin America." (SUFF)

B Term 1998 - Washington Project Center, Washington D.C. Coadvised the following projects with Prof. Chrysanthe Demetry:
Ryan Avey, Milissa Cormier, Manna Neghassi, and Carl Nielsen. "CityGreen as an Urban Ecosystem Analysis & Communication Tool." (IQP)

Ryan P. Barbini, Jonathan M. Maning, Daren C. Ranalli, and Christopher B. Stank. "Development of an Online Sea Grant Resource Center: A Next Generation of GreenBook." (IQP)

Adam C. Bloomberg, Thomas M. Hall, and Jason L, Katz. "Evaluating Effectiveness of Commercial Databases in Technology Center 2700 of the United States Patent and Trademark Office." (IQP)

Richard Bradshaw, Uri Braun, and Simon Nance. "Collaborating Environmental Disciplines: An Analysis of Social and Technological Factors Regarding Ecological Engineering." (IQP)

Jeremy Bernier, Matthew Erikson, Joseph Malboeuf, and Crissy Montgomery. "Medical and Physical Standards for Merchant Mariners." (IQP)

Ben Clark and Taryn J. C. Syverain. "Barriers to Web-Enhanced Education for Science, Mathematics, Egineering, and Technology Undergraduates." (IQP)

Matthew Denicourt, Ryan Fournier, Sowmya Luckoor, and Angela Malaquias. "Reconnecting Undergraduate Engineering Students to the NSPE." (IQP)

Jeremy P. Dexter, Mark A. Oliveira, and Brian D. Rapp. "Powered Lawn and Garden Equipment: An Examination of Injury Data and Market Information." (IQP)

D Term 1998 - Puerto Rico Project Center, San Juan. Coadvised the following projects with Prof. James S. Demetry:
Haig Altoonian, Craig Blanchette, Richard Gallimore, and Amy Wenziak. "Measuring the Impacts of Urban Sprawl on the North Coast of Puerto Rico." (IQP)

Allyson Bird, Matthew Koski, and Allegra Treaster. "An Interpretation Plan for Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo Historical and Ecological Reserve." (IQP)

Salvatore Beatini, Timothy Igo, Debra Kassabian, and Joseph Pislbury. "The Feasability and Impacts of River Sand Extraction in Puerto Rico." (IQP)

Wendy Chaplis, Robert Groves, Devon Reed, and Cara Rucci. "Inventory & Evaluation of Routes PR-123 & PR-111." (IQP)

Jason M. Drew, Melissa A. Garrell, and Jeremy W. John. "The Regulation of Quarry Blasting in Puerto Rico." (IQP)

Terry Fay, Raymond L. Halpin, and Casey Richardson. "The Enhancement of Information Systems at the International Institute of Tropical Forestry." (IQP)

Melanie Heck, Linda Browne, and Joseph Prytko. "Preparing for a Down Syndrome Facility for the Puerto Rico Down Syndrome Foundation." (IQP)

Konstandinos Karachristos, Stacey Williams, Matthew Woodcock. "Determining the Feasibility of an Automation Line for Caribe GE of Vega Baja." (IQP)

C Term 1998
Terry Ann Kelly. "Salsa: El latido del corazón de Latinoamérica." (SUFF)

Leah Whalen. "The Merrimac's Role in 1898." (SUFF)

D Term 1997
Joshua Arias. "Culture in the Context of Puerto Rican Politics." (SUFF)

Tim Doherty. "Hinges/Bisagras: Original Short Stories in Spanish and English." (MQP) PROVOST MQP AWARD.

Luiggi Dominguez. "Juan Pablo Duarte y la Revolución Dominicana (1492-1844)." (SUFF)

Wayne Lyliestrom. "Cuentos cortos y el Realismo Mágico." (SUFF)

Amandio Rúa. "Castro, un líder maquiavélico." (SUFF)

C Term 1997
Eric Merithew. "El modelo de los E.U. por el desarrollo latinoamericano." (SUFF)

Carlos A. Soriano. "War of the Pacific: Did Bolivia Ever Own Land on the Pacific Coast, and How Was History Manipulated by the Chileans?" (SUFF)

Stephanie Torrey. "A Need to Succeed: The Life of Eva Perón." (SUFF)

B Term 1997
Sonali Mahershwary. "The Idea of Love in Libro de Buen Amor and the Dove's Neck Ring." (SUFF)

Chad Mosier. "El nacionalismo dentro del modernismo en la literatura latinoamericana." (MQP)

A Term 1997
Emily Brunckhurst. "The Hero in the 1920's Fiction." (SUFF)

E Term 1996 (Summer)
Henry Fink. "Kafka and Borges." (SUFF) HONORS MENTION.

D Term 1996
Erin Garvin, Michelle Marceau and Adele Pearson. "WWW Page for AIDS Project Worcester." (IQP) (

Sean Gregory. "Las Vistas Etnicas Americanos y Epañoles sobre los Toros." (SUFF)

Troy Small. "The History and Evolution of Religion in the Latin America / Caribbean Region." (SUFF)

C Term 1996
Matt Andrus. "Argentina and Tango, Cuba and Salsa." (SUFF)

Harold Meneses. "Church and State in Colombia." (SUFF)

B Term 1996
Fiona G. Abrams. "La literatura y la Prensa: Temas en La Guerra Hispano-Americana." (SUFF)

Andrea Calvo. "Conquista de Costa Rica." (SUFF)

Matt Dei. "American Influences in Puerto Rico." (SUFF)

Flavia Souto. "Afro Caribbean-Religions." (SUFF)

B Term 1995
Carlos Zapata. "Memorias de un hombre sin pasado." (MQP) HONORABLE MENTION

A Term 1995
Aquiles Inciarte. "Venezuela: Coup d'etat." (SUFF)

Alexander Muñoz. "Influence of the USA foreign Policies in Venezuelan Economy Since 1976." (SUFF)

Rudy Soriano. "Statehood and the Tiwanaku Culture." (SUFF)

A Term 1994
Jeung Joon Lee. "Estudio Comparativo de la Conquista y Civilización de México y Perú." (SUFF by Examination)


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