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Volunteering in 2022

Volunteering this year has been very fun. While I have found a range of activities to help out in such as robotics competitions, teaching online, and running a stem booth, I have made sure to keep my passion in mind. Working with kids. All of the activities I have listed below involved working with kids and helping them understand the world of STEM around them. I hope to continue my volunteering next year and over the summer as well.

Abby Kelly Foster Charter School: Learning the Binary


Going to Abby Kelly was one of the first times I was able to work with children and teach them about a subject in STEM. I spent an entire afternoon preparing the activity that they would make. Necklaces with beads spelling out their names in binary. The day of the lesson went very well and all of the children were open to trying the activity. It was amazing to see kids working together on math when they didn't understand the conversion to binary and I felt proud that so many of them were able to understand the subject. This really motivated me to seek more experiences during the school year where I would be able to teach children and share my passion for STEM.

Worcester Refugee Assistance Project


Going into the first meeting of WRAP, the Worcester Refugee Assistance Project,I was very nervous and shy. I remember staying away from the kids because I hadn't interacted with them in person for so long. But after two meetings, children who recognized me started to approach me and I started to get out of my shell. Today, I can say I am happier than ever after deciding to go to WRAP. Spending time with the children and learning the unique ways in which they see the world has truly been enlightening to me. No two children who I talked with and played with were the same. Each one had different interests and different ways of overcoming the language barrier they had with other children. I got to see a pair of shy sisters blossom into wonderful speakers who loved to share and spend time with the other children. I also got to see new arrivals who spent time in a place they didn't know having fun and reaching out to the other kids. Overall, this experience taught me a lot, from how to overcome my own challenges, to thinking outside of the box in order to communicate.

Polar Park: Touch Tomorrow


Touch Tomorrow was a day where STEM based classes and stores in Worcester met together in Polar Park stadium to teach little kids about all aspects of STEM. This was one of my volunteering activities that took the most preparation time. Preparation started a month earlier in order to have all of the activities set up and all of the needed products. We went with a physics activity, coding activity, and math activity. I was in charge of the coding activities which included a board game and led lights. It was amazing to see so many kids interested in doing coding. I additionally got to talk a lot to parents and people interested in the school and it was fun to see the community that Mass Academy has built.