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Reading has been a love of mine since first grade. I would consider one of my great achievements to be reading the whole Harry Potter series while in second grade. I used to read a lot of classical books but since middle school have started to branch out into new categories.

My Recent Favorites

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Since I was little, I loved drawing making crayons and colored pencils the things I always reached for. During Covid I picked up a new hobby of doing sketches and actually started from gaining inspiration online. I quickly found out that it was a very relaxing activity and that I liked doing it. I was able to take some drawing classes during and learned so much! The freedom to be creative and passionate about what I drew led to me loving different styles of art.

art1 art2 art3 art4


Growing up, I started to learn more and more about cooking from my mother, my unofficial teacher of food. I really enjoy trying new dishes and cooking for my sisters (they act as the guinea pigs for my recipes). I have cooked everything, from desserts to salads, and everything in between.