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Welcome to Spanish class

Spanish is truly an immersive experience due to the amount of Spanish speaking we do everyday in class and the varied fun activities we have. One thing I’m looking forward to the most is creating a dish from a Spanish recipe as it combines both Spanish reading and physical activity. I have been taking Spanish for over seven years now and in this grade, I can see the effort I put in working off. Making the listening logs for Spanish and writing in Spanish has become a lot easier for me than when I started.

Cuento de Mi Ninez

In Spanish we had a project to write an essay about an event that had taken place in our past and was significant to us. I chose to write about a trip I took to Israel when I was around five years old. I have a fond memory of spending time with my grandma and dad at a dolphin beach and trying to hold my breath underwater. That beach will remain in my memories forever and I, in fact, have a stuffed animal of a dolphin in my room that I got from there.

Las Islas Canarias

An important part of learning Spanish is also learning about the countries and cultures that speak the language. Since the book we’re reading in class, “El Secreto del Viejo Olmo”, is in the Canary Islands, I got to do some research about where the Canary Islands were and their backgrounds. I always love researching about different cultures and learning about their myths and practices. Other places I have learned about in the past in Spanish were Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, and more.