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Welcome to Math Class

Math is one of the classes that emphasizes communication and group work the most. Mr. Regele even once said that a math class had a lot in common with a language class because of the communication needed during teamwork, presentations, and problem solving. I truly learned a lot in this class about the importance of talking with group members and working through math problems together without fear.

HIMCM 2021 Problem

The High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) is an international contest for high school and middle school students. During the competition students have a period of 48 hours usually but this year the math project was extended over the weekend to give students more time. The problem my group chose was about energy storage systems and the use of solar powered batteries. The team had to plan the use of solar power to provide electricity to a 1600 square-foot house and research the market for the best battery options possible. I learned a lot from this experience about market research, decision matrixes, planning out coding, and electricity. I also gained experience about writing research essays explaining what the project was about. The most important aspect of the project, though, was working with a group and listening to the diverse and unique ideas everyone had. With Alexis and Melinda I was able to come up with creative ideas of my own of how to go about solving the problem. In the end, better ideas than the original ones we had made came up because of the way we learned to listen to each other and to combine ideas and change parts of them as needed. Editing the document went smoothly due to the teamwork we developed as well as the work ethic we all made sure to keep.

Hanford Linear Regression

The linear regression lab was made in the program Mathematica to show how a line of best fit can be calculated by hand. The problem was called the Hanford Problem author Robert Fadely explained that the Atomic Energy Plant in Hanford, Washington had been a plutonium production facility since the Second World War. Radioactive waste has been seeping into the Columbia River, and eight Oregon counties and the city of Portland have been exposed to radioactive contamination. Two tables listed the number of cancer deaths per 100,000 residents for Portland and these counties with an index of exposure that measured the proximity of the residents to the contamination. This was a very eye opening way of showing how simple finding the line of best fit by hand could be.