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Welcome to Humanities Class

Humanities class taught me a lot of skills that I use in other classes like essay writing and analyzing text. I particularly like reading interesting articles that focus on social issues present in our lives and talking about the texts as a group. The current unit we are going through is talking about racism and the hidden stereotypes people follow or believe in that keeps minority groups oppressed.

Satirical Analysis Assignment

The satirical analysis essay that was written in Humanities focused on the rhetorical and logical fallacies learned in class. I chose to write an analysis on a satire piece titled, “Memoirs of a Guysha” by Casey Alexander. The satire was a story about the misogynistic ideas that women are forced to follow and what would happen if the gender roles were switched. The critique I wrote on the piece explored how the satire could’ve been more effective had it been written in a better format and with full knowledge of the culture they were writing about.

Ray Bradbury Analysis Essay

The essay focusing on the two works of Ray Bradbury was the first essay done in Humanities. After reading the stories “The Pedestrian” and “August 2026” the class analyzed the background behind the works and the similarities they shared. I decided to write my essay about how both works were centered around futuristic societies where the structure of life is perfect, with humans having all their needs and wants met, however these societies turn out to be dystopias in disguise. Ray Bradbury wrote these stories during the Cold War in America and during that time there was a growth in technological advancements as well as the ever-hanging threat of destruction from nuclear technology and other weapons. The two sides of technology and their consequences stand out starkly in Bradbury's stories.