I believe that ideal teaching is about creating an environment where all activities and participants are oriented toward the same goals: understanding fundamental concepts, acquiring skills for collaboration and dissemination of that knowledge, improving analytical and creative thinking and facilitating the application of that thinking toward the creation of new knowledge through original research. I have had the opportunity to strive for this goal in a wide variety of educational roles and settings.

Courses Taught:

Speech Synthesis Directed Reading (CS93).

Data Structures & Algorithms (CS35) (S15).

Introduction to Computer Systems Lab (CS31) (F14).

Data Structures & Algorithms Lab (CS35) (F14).

Selected Mentorships:

Development of a novel, region-based articulatory speech synthesizer. In collaboration with Tessa Jones & Martina Costagliola (Swarthmore, 2015).

Realtime voice activity and pitch modulation for laryngectomy transducers using head and facial gestures. In collaboration with Gautam Mohan, Katherine Hamilton & Andrew Grasberger (Swarthmore, 2014-2015).

Interspeaker Variability in Hard Palate Morphology and Consonant Production. In collaboration with Simon Berman (USC, 2012-13).

Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Fricative Production using Real-Time MRI. In collaboration with Li Hsuan Lu (USC, 2012-13).

Spatial registration of real-time and static MR images. In collaboration with Nishit Malde (USC, 2013).

Teaching Assistantships:

Hearing & Communication Neuroscience (USC: S14)

Artificial Intelligence (USC: F11, F12, S14)

Experimental Phonetics (USC: F09, F13)

Computer Organization & Logic (NCSU: S05)

Architecture of Parallel Computers (NCSU: F05)

Perception & Action (Vassar: F02, F03)

Research Methods in Cognitive Science (Vassar: S04)