My priorities as an educator include innovative undergraduate classroom teaching, productive undergraduate research mentorship, and developing ways in which research and teaching can inform each other. My approach is informed by the learner-centered approach to teaching, and focuses on carefully designing learning environments in which students have the means, motive and opportunity to learn. I have had the opportunity to implement and refine this approach a wide variety of educational roles and settings.


WPI NEU590: Neuroengineering (S22, F22)

WPI BME2211: Biomedical Data Analysis (S20, F21, S21, F22, S22, S23)

SWAT CS35: Data Structures & Algorithms (F14, S15)

SWAT CS31: Introduction to Computer Systems (F14)

Curricular Projects & Independent Studies:

WPI BME598: Integrative and Comparative Biology (S23)

WPI MQP: Behavioral Assay for Tinnitus Characterization (F22/S23)

WPI MQP: Wearable Devices as a Diagnostic Tool for Sleep Apnea (F22)

WPI MQP: Data Analysis Pipeline for Biomedical Signals (F21/S22)

WPI ID4999: Rehabilitation Engineering (S21)

WPI MQP: Data Management Pipeline for Biomedical Signals (F20/S21)

WPI MQP: Ultrasound Probe that Requires No Topical Gel on the Skin (F20/S21)

WPI IQP: Think on Your Feet! The Effects of Exercise on Cognitive Load (F19/S20)

WPI IQP: Developing a Tool to Improve Outcomes for Concussed Athletes (F19/S20)

SWAT CS93: Speech Synthesis Directed Reading (S15)

Selected Mentorships:

Stimulus whitening to improves the efficiency of reverse correlation. In collaboration with Alexis Compton (WPI, 2020-2022)

Analysis of play patterns in game-based rehabilitation program for stroke. In collaboration with Samantha Peznola (WPI, 2020-2022)

Quantifying coordination and predicting fall risk in a model of human gait. In collaboration with Nelson Barnett (WPI, 2020-2022)

Analysis of singing style using real-time magnetic resonance imaging. In collaboration with Elisabeth Lynn (WPI, 2019-2022)

Development of a novel, region-based articulatory speech synthesizer. In collaboration with Tessa Jones & Martina Costagliola (SWAT, 2015)

Realtime voice activity and pitch modulation for laryngectomy transducers using head and facial gestures. In collaboration with Gautam Mohan, Katherine Hamilton & Andrew Grasberger (SWAT, 2014-2015)

Interspeaker Variability in Hard Palate Morphology and Consonant Production. In collaboration with Simon Berman (USC, 2012-13)

Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Fricative Production using Real-Time MRI. In collaboration with Li Hsuan Lu (USC, 2012-13).

Spatial registration of real-time and static MR images. In collaboration with Nishit Malde (USC, 2013).

Teaching Assistantships:

USC BISC521: Hearing & Communication Neuroscience (S14)

USC CS561: Artificial Intelligence (F11, F12, S14)

USC LING582: Experimental Phonetics (F09, F13)

NCSU CSC236: Computer Organization & Logic (S05)

NCSU CSC506: Architecture of Parallel Computers (F05)

VC COGS219: Research Methods in Cognitive Science (S04)

VC COGS211: Perception & Action (F02, F03)