Class Description

Physics is taught by Mrs. Chase. In this class, we explore various topics in physics such as kinematics and dynamics. What I love most about this class is how everything we learn can be seen around us, since physics is truly everywhere. We do many labs and demonstrations where we confirm the equations we derive by seeing them in action. Many of the problems require creative applications of the concepts which makes it feel like solving a puzzle.

Motion Lab

Our first lab was about kinematics. The goal was to determine if a cart was accelerating when moving down the ramp or if it was moving at constant velocity. We supported our claims by measuring the time it took for the carts to travel the distance. It was cool seeing the acceleration computed from the empirical data matched closely to the theoretical found using kinematic equations.

Dynamics Lab

In this lab, we explored how forces interacted and affected acceleration in an inclined pulley system. The data that we collected agreed with the theoretical equations that we found. It was very exciting seeing the sinusoidal curve passing through our data points.