Class Description

Spanish is taught by Sra. Wildfong. It’s taught in an immersion style, which means that everything is spoken in Spanish. Even though I didn’t have any prior experience with the language, I was able to get accustomed to the immersive environment and get more comfortable with speaking and writing. As we learned about the grammar and technicalities of the language, we also focused heavily on culture through music, films, and art. In the picture above is Salvador Dalí, a Spanish artist whom I delved into in one of the activities. Throughout the course, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for both the Spanish language and its culture.

Mi Casa Essay

The first essay that we wrote was about our house. Written entirely in Spanish, we described the different areas of our home using prepositions. Prepositions were one of the first grammatical elements that we learned and allowed us to describe the locations and positions of objects. Overall, this essay helped me to gain experience synthesizing entire sentences in Spanish.

Meme Contest

Every year students make memes about Mass Academy in their foreign language. These memes can be found in the hallways on bulletin boards as well as in the Language room. My memes were written in Spanish and talked about STEM, Walden, and MAMS in general.