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Physics is taught by Mrs. Chase. The physics course closely follows the AP Physics C curriculum and involves doing many hands-on experiments and labs. The course navigates through both algebra and calculus coursework for students that may be considering different AP Physics exams.

Dynamics Lab

During the dynamics unit, we investigated the forces of gravity and friction on angled levels, using the Atwood machine as our force sensor. In this lab, we developed our own research question to investigate: testing whether the gravity constant of 9.8 will remain constant despite moving our test cart at different incline angles. We went through the hypothesis, testing, and recording phases which can be seen in the lab report.

Quantifying Motion

During our Kinematics unit, we investigated and found relationships between the position, velocity, and acceleration of a moving object. In this lab, we analyzed 2 scenarios and determined whether the respective objects where accelerating or moving at a constant velocity using solely distance and time. Our data was recorded in tables, and we graphed our results to provide evidence for our answer in Claim-Evidence-Reasoning format.