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Humanities is taught by Ms. Small. Humanities is a discussion-based class that focuses on the question on what it means to be a human. We seek to answer this question through reading various different literatures, watching videos, discussing in class, and writing. We ask ourselves essential questions and then seek answers to them through past readings. This class combines the writing and analysis of a English literature class while also delving into the history of our world.

Walden Skit

Over the summer, we had to read the book Walden by Henry David Thoreau. It was a great read, and as tradition at MAMS, we made humorous skits revolving around Thoreau. We wrote scripts, practiced the play, and finally presented the skits to the class at our annual trip to Camp Bournedale. It was an overall great experience and was filled with laughter all around.

Satire Analysis Essay

As part of our satire unit, we analyzed different satire pieces for the various devices they utilized. In this essay, I looked at a normal argumentative article about the increasing impacts of climate change and compared it to a satirical article that presented the same argument. The objective was to compare and contrast how they presented their arguments and which was more effective.