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French is taught by Madame Wildfong. The French immersion course offers a unique challenge at MAMS presenting a different experience from the traditional foreign language class. Since I had multiple years of experience with French in Shrewsbury, I was able to take the advanced French course. In this class, we are exposed to the language through various ways which include reading books and fairy tales such as The Beauty and the Beast, listening to popular songs, watching films, and even making our choice of French food! We additionally get the opportunity to make our own short films in French to really delve into that immersive experience.

Le Conte de Fée

We read and watched a French Version of the Beauty and the Beast. That inspired us to write our own fairy tales, which translates to Les Contes de Fée in French. The purpose of the story was to practice passe composé and imparfait (imperfect tense).

La Recette

We were tasked with making a traditional French recipe that could be an appetizer, entrée, or dessert. I chose to make crêpes (La crêpe) with a strawberry and whipped cream filling. We created a presentation, and then brought in the food each of us made to share with the rest of the class!