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Computer Science

Computer Science is taught by Mrs. Taricco. In this course, we closely follow the AP computer science A curriculum where we learn the fundamentals of Java. However, alongside Java we also get to compete in computer science competitions such as the American Computer Science League (ACSL). After completing a major part of the CS curriculum, we start a Apps for Good project where the aim is to design and code an assistive technology app.

Apps for Good

Apps for Good is a major project at the end of the year, where we design, code, and develop mobile applications which help solve a common problem in the community. I worked with Shreya Venkayala and Nicole Plotnik to develop an app called SNAP (Smart Novel Automated Pillbox). This app schedules and tracks a user's medications and alerts them which medications to take and when. Additionally, this mobile is connected to a custom designed pillbox which helps keep track whether a user actually took the specified medication.


Many people who are prescribed a medication plan often have trouble adhering to the strict time schedule of the plan and therefore don’t end up taking their medication. The most common reasons for this are either forgetting to take the medication at a specified time or getting confused on which pill to take when the number of pill bottles accumulate.


Implement a medication scheduling and tracking app that ensures pills are being taken at the right day and time that sends text-message alerts to the user and caretaker.

Project logo

Target Audience

This app was targeted towards anyone who struggles to take their prescribed medications at a specified time, something that is more commonly noticed in older folks.


Our Minimum Viable Product will (1) Alert users of when to take the medications, (2) inform the user of which medications to take and which compartment to take the medication from, and (3) connect to the caregiver or the emergency contact to alert them if the user has not taken their medication.

Features and Algorithms

The main features of this application include being able to schedule any medication on any day at any time. Based on the time and day, our algorithm will calculate what compartment of our custom pillbox the medication will be placed in. Every user can have a caretaker account associated with it that can supervise the medications being taken. Based on the scheduled time and data input from the pillbox sensors, our app will send text messages to the user and the caretaker informing them whether the pill was taken/not taken at the specified time.

Apps for Good Poster

Invert Picture

As part of the iteration unit, we were practicing with for loops. One of the exercises that we were tasked with was to invert the colors of a given image. The approach I took was to attain the rgb values of each pixel that I iterated through, and then subtract that rgb value from the max value of 255. Those new values then replaced the old pixels, and the final product is an inverse image!

Boston Picture inverted in color

Bulgarian Solitaire

As part of our ArrayLists unit, we had to simulate through a game of Bulgarian Solitaire where you start off with a triangular number of cards sorted into a random number of piles. Then in each pile, one card is taken away and added to an additional pile at the end. This repeats until the piles assortment has a number from 1 through the number of levels in that triangular number. This problem was indeed complex, however I had a lot of fun working through it!

Simulation of the Bulgarian Solitaire

Line Art

This assignment was challenging to think about, however it was made easy when you used for loops. The picture may be deceiving, but it does not contain even one curved line, all lines are straight. The idea was to add or subtract both the x and y coordinates at a constant rate, and iterate enough times for it to create this type of line art. The same concept was used, except at a smaller size to form the rectangle inside the bigger rectangle.

The Line art drawn out with multiple straight lines