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About Me

At Boston Hello, I’m currently a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, and my sending school is Shrewsbury High School. I live in Shrewsbury with my family which consists of my dad, my mom, my brother who is in 7th grade, and me. My family is from India, and everybody in my family was born there, except me. I was born in Wisconsin, lived there for a few months, and then ended up moving 2 more times. First to India, and then back to the US in Massachusetts in 2014.

Since you are visiting this website, I assume you want to know a thing or two about me, so I will jump right in. My passion towards STEM is what ultimately convinced me to apply for Mass Academy, and I am glad I did. What I appreciate the most about Mass Academy is the environment they foster: not competitive, but collaborative. Every week, you get the chance to learn something from other people that share your interest.