Arthur Gerstenfeld

Professor, School of Business

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
Arthur Gerstenfeld
Arthur Gerstenfeld

About Me Global Advising and Curriculum Vitae (CV)

My Global Advising

  • Namibia, Africa
  • London, U.K.
  • New York
  • Costa Rica
  • Australia
  • Puerto Rico
  • Washington, D.C.







Teaching Courses Taught & Related Industrial Engineering Projects

Courses I'm Now Teaching

Courses Taught at WPI

  • ISP DK1 - Finance and Technology
  • OIE 3400 - Production System Design
  • OIE 546 - Managing Technological Innovation

Industrial Engineering Projects

  • Energy Independence by 2015: A Focus on Wind Power
  • Verizon - Fiber Optics to the Home
WPI Entrance

Projects Current & Ongoing Projects

Wall Street Project Center

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Each year, Worcester Polytechnic Institute sends teams of students to Wall Street (New York), London and Glasgow (Scotland) to complete the Major Project (a university degree requirement) with some of the largest financial firms and hedge funds in the world.

Past project sponsors include Bank of America, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Interests Other Interests & Family

My Interests

My Family

Art is very happily married to Sue (Prof. Susan Vernon Gerstenfeld) and they have six children, nine grandchildren and a loved dog named "Brandon" who is a cockapoo.

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Arthur Gerstenfeld