Anh Tran

Hello! My name is Anh. I grew up in a small city called Hue, Vietnam. As a kid, I enjoyed spending time with my family, friends, and neighbors. Growing up in such a small city, my family weaved the value of a close knit community into me. Even with our increasingly busy schedule in the United States, my parents always make sure to call our relatives and neighbors in Vietnam to catch up with them (I frequently drop in on these calls to show my relatives how tall I have gotten).

A picture of my family A picture of my family

My small family is consisted of my dad, mom, legendary big sister, and me.

Before I came to Mass Academy, I was a student at Worcester Technical High School. At Worcester Tech, my trade was Drafting and CAD. During my two years in the trade, I developed technical skills in AutoCAD, Inventor, as well as manual drafting. I also joined the Worcester Tech Cross Country and Track Team. I don't love running- running is painful, but it is better when the team collectively chooses to suffer together. This morale is used very often at Mass Academy.

XC Team


I enjoy hiking. Hiking reminds me of how big and wonderful Nature is and how small I am compared to it. I have been to Mt. Monadnock, Soapstone Hill (Quabbin Reservoir), Mt. Wachusetts, the South Bubble, Long Pond trail, and Great Head trail at Acadia National Park. Other than these popular hiking sites, I have also hiked at smaller, less known trails. All of these amazing trips were sponsored by my cool cousin and, of course, my legendary big sister.

Soap Stone Hill Infront of a light house

Professional Development

In 7th grade, I joined Girls Inc. Eureka!- a five year long STEM-based program for girls. During the first and second year of Eureka!, I got to visit WPI, Becker College, Clark University, Worcester State University, and many more. On my third year, I completed the Dell Student Star program. On the fourth year (2021), I worked at Consigli Construction Co., Inc. as a Project Management intern. Eureka! has helped me a lot with my personal and professional development.

My group at Dell EMC My Eureka Group

As I mentioned above, during the summer of 2021, I interned at Consigli Construction Co., Inc. I worked as Project Management Intern on the Kaven Hall 2175 project. Through this experience, I learned a lot more about the construction management process.


Community Service

For my community service, I spent the most time mentoring the Forest Grove Middle School STEM Club as well as tutoring for the Rising Star Initiative. The FGMS STEM club is for middle school students who are interested in working on a project and presenting that project at a Science Fair. As a mentor, I help the students brainstorm ideas, write scientific papers, and walk them through the Scientific/Engineering process in general. For RSI, I tutor students from the Abby Kelly Foster Charter School through Zoom. I enjoy these two activities a lot because I get to work with students one on one. I love seeing that I am making learning fun for them.

My group at Dell EMC