Welcome to STEM 2! This class is taught by Dr. Crowthers.

For STEM 2, students at Mass Academy collaborate in groups to design and produce assistive devices that help under-served communities.

My group members are Gracie Sheng, Stephen Cooley, Cameron Whiting, and me. We focuses on designing a Passive Tremor Cancellation spoon for patients with Parkinson's Disease and/or essential tremors. The name of our project is Passive Tremor Cancellation Spoon.


The problem that our group focused on is: elderly with hand tremors have difficulty eating independently because modern utensils do not satisfy users with decreased motor function.

The Affordable Passive Tremor Cancellation Spoon is a spoon with a partially covered lip to allow for food to be securely held in place in spite of tremors. The spoon has an ergonomic handle to assist grip. Within the handle of the spoon, there are built-in slots for pennies so the weight of the spoon can be adjusted to match user preferences. The spoon is 3D printed using a BigRep High Temp filament to ensure temperature safety. The pouch created by the partially covered lid allows the user to tip the spoon back to keep the contents inside the spoon and reduce spillage, even when tremors are present. The handle was created by scanning a mold of the imprint of a user’s hand posture. This ergonomic design of the handle allows the user to have more grip on the spoon and therefore a more comfortable experience. The stem of the spoon has a large diameter at its connection with the handle to increase the durability of the spoon. The stem is also tapered at the other end to minimize the bulkiness of the spoon without compromising strength.