Welcome to Math! This class is taught by Mr.Regele.

Math Modeling is a completely different math class compared to my previous math classes. In my previous experiences with math class, the curriculum focuses more on how to apply math to solve problems while Math Modeling focuses more on the proof of mathematical concepts.

In B term, our school participated in the High school Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM). This is a 36 hour-long contest where a group of students chooses a problem set to solve. My team chose a problem of what type of batteries would work best in a rural area. This contest taught me a lot about team dynamics as well as collaboration.

Another problem that we did in math class is the Median Median Line problem. A Median Median line is a line that goes through a set of points and all of the residuals of the points would add up to zero. We used a program called Mathematica to model this problem.