Welcome to Humanities! This class is taught by Ms.Small.

In Humanities class, we talk about what it is like to be humans. Ms. Small sets the class up to be different from the traditional history/social studies class by having fewer lectures and more class discussions. I enjoy these discussions because they give students the opportunity to speak their thoughts and to think about the various aspects of society.

At the beginning of the year, we worked in teams to write a skit based on “Walden” by Thoreau- a book that we read in the summer. We performed our skit on our trip to Bourndale in September. I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone's performance. Below is our group’s skit.

During B Term, we looked at satirical pieces and the devices that they use. After analyzing satirical pieces such as the “Modest Proposal,” we get to analyze a satirical piece that we choose. I chose to analyze Saturday’s Night Live “The Housewives of Disney.”