Computer Science

Welcome to Computer Science! This class is taught by Mrs.Taricco.

In Computer Science class, we learned the basics of HTML and CSS to create our websites like the one that you are reading right now! Currently, we are learning different aspects of Java. When a new topic is introduced in class, we go over the topic together, and there are usually exercises to practice our skills. Solving these exercises teaches me a new way of thinking using the skill sets that I have learned.

After our websites went live in A Term, we moved on to Java. The topic that we have covered so far are: Primitive Data Types, Using Objects, Boolean Algebra, Iteration, Arrays, Array List. With each new lesson, there is a set of exercises that we complete to practice the information. One of my favorite exercises has to be the Dart programming question in the Iteration chapter. This question requires the program to predict π by using a simple hit or miss dart game.

Another one of my favorite programming exercises is the Line Art problem. This problem composes of straight lines with different slopes to make the lines look curvy!

Line Art Picture

App For Good

App for good is a project when students work in groups to create an app that helps solve a problem in some way. App For Good starts around the beginning of D Term. My group is consisted of me, Eeman Saud, and Krishna Purimetla.

The problem that our group decided to focus on is the difficulty of scheduling an event between multiple people. Usually people would text back and forth to ask their friends or colleagues for their availability. This method takes a lot of time, and the user can become frustrated. The user can cancel the plan because it takes to long too schedule one. Whether it is planning a social event or a professional meeting, our app can help reducing the time a user spend going back and forth in text or other social media platform.

Our MVP is to be able to crosscheck calendars and show the users how many people are available at a certain time on a certain day. The algorithm of the app utilizes Firebase to store and pull information from. For crosschecking, the algorithm pulls each user's availability from Firebase and check for how many people are free. Each user has a unique availability list that is consisted of 16 hours per day from 6:00am to 10:00pm for a duration of 14 days. The algorithm will check every 30 minutes for the number of people who are available.

The user can create an event and invite the people to their event. Them and their friends will be asked to fill out an availability sheet. After everyone fills out their availability sheets, the user can cross check to see how many people are free.

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