Advanced Spanish is an immersion foreign language class, so all all of our conversations, interactions, and assignments are in Spanish. We are exposed to a variety of media in the target language and we are also able to learn about Spanish speaking places and their cultures. I had a few years of high school Spanish experience before attending Mass Academy, but none of them required solely speaking in Spanish. My current Spanish class allows me to improve my confidence in my skills as well as expand my vocabulary everyday.

Cuento de Niñez

During the beginning of the year, I wrote a Cuento de Niñez, or a story about a childhood memory. In this story, I utilized preterite and imperfect tenses (past tenses) to describe the day that I got my dog.

Listening Logs

Each term we complete a Listening Log, where we get the opportunity to listen to and/or watch a variety of media in Spanish. During B Term, I watched movies, listened to music, and movies and summarized them all in my B Term Listening Log. This activity provides active practice and allows me to work on my listening and understanding skills.