Physics is a class that uses mathematical, experiential, and conceptual approaches to investigate physics concepts. We are taught concepts and some problem approaches and are then able to explore more complex problems using the skills and ideas we learned. Though this course is fast-paced and rigorous, I find that I am able to succeed with limited prior physics knowledge and there is nothing quite as satisfying as solving a difficult physics problem.

Über Rocket

The first Über Problem, Über Rocket, is a problem that contains multiple stages and combines many concepts from our kinematics unit. We were given a situation where a fictitious hamster is launched in a rocket and asked to find its final landing position. Each student is given a unique set of initial values to work with to find their own solutions.

Über Pulley

The second Über Problem, Über Pulley, was completed during our Forces unit. Similar to the Über Rocket, this problem has many steps and each student has different initial values. This time, we needed to find the coefficient of friction between a luge with a rider and the ground after the luge is pulled up a pulley and launched through the air. This problem required a combination of concepts from the Forces unit and previous units.