Math Modeling

Math Modeling is a very collaborative class and is different from my past math classes. This class focuses on applying math concepts to model and solve real-world problems as well as learning how to think about problems that you may not see in a typical high school math course. Oftentimes, there is no singular solution or approach to a particular problem. I enjoy working with different people from various math backgrounds to discuss math concepts and problems.


In groups of three or four, all students at Mass Academy participated in the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM), a 36-hour math modeling competition. We selected one of the two available problems to complete and described our optimal solution in a technical paper. My team selected the problem entitled “Storing the Sun,” and we needed to determine a generalized method for selecting the ideal battery for an off-the-grid home. We worked together to apply our various skills and come to our final conclusion.

Football Team Fundraiser Mathematica

We utilized Wolfram Mathematica, a computational software program, to complete the A Football Team Fundraiser assignment. In this assignment, we were tasked with identifying the best price for a football team to sell their tickets at to generate the greatest revenue. By following the math modeling process of making assumptions, developing a strategy, and making conclusions, I was able to determine the optimal ticket price.