A Bit About Me!

A Beginning in the Arts

Childhood Dance Photo

I have always been very involved in the arts. I began attending music classes as a toddler and later moved on to play the clarinet and the oboe in the Sutton Public Middle and High School bands. In elementary school, I was able to submit a piece of my art inspired by Eric Carle to the Worcester Art Museum to have it displayed. I have always had a love and deep appreciation of literature and writing, and while I do enjoy topics like science and math, I would love to have a published novel someday. Some sports that I participated in also incorporated artistic elements. I began with gymnastics and dance at the age of 2, and I started competing in gymnastics a few years later. My brother and I also began practicing Taekwondo when we each turned four.

Gymnastics Photo


Alexis in elbow stand Aerial Split

I started dancing recreationally when I was two years old and have gone to multiple different dance studios. Eight years ago, I stopped doing competitive gymnastics and transitioned to solely competing in dance. I have attended many competitions throughout the years, and one of the most memorable and important ones was the World Dance Championship, where I competed against very talented people from all over the world. I currently dance at Charlotte Klein Dance Centers on team Grace Westborough (the advanced senior team at the Westborough location of the studio). It is a huge commitment, but it is worth it because of both my amazing team and teachers and because I greatly appreciate the art of dance. I participate in classes and compete in various dance styles including ballet, jazz, acrobatics, contemporary, lyrical, tap, and modern. Outside of my dance classes, I also practice my acrobatic and tumbling skills at home. I had an Instagram account dedicated to making edited tumbling videos where I was able to make friends around the world and even share important messages about world issues to a wide community.

Connections and The Women of Color Conference

During my sophomore year of high school, I participated and was part of a school-organized group called Connections. The members of Connections aim to educate themselves and others on various social justice and world issues including but not limited to racism, homophobia, and ableism. Through this group I was able to attend ConCon2021 (Connections Conference 2021), where students and teachers from various schools around the Massachusetts region were able to virtually meet. At this conference, we heard from speakers and professionals and they helped educate us about social justice issues in many different aspects of life. I also attended another conference outside of the Connections group, The Women of Color Conference 2021. I got to see so many inspirational women of color and hear the voices of speakers and conference attendees from around the world. Being a part of this group really inspired me and I will continue to fight for the elimination of harmful biases, prejudices, etc.!


Munchkin the Dog Smores the Dog

I have always loved animals and I am fortunate enough to have two dogs of my own. Munchkin (shown to the right) is a nine-year-old shih-tzu and bichon mix. Smores (shown to the left) is an eight-year-old shih-tzu. They are both extremely friendly and have grown up with me since they were puppies. I have also volunteered a few times at a local animal hospital, the Uxbridge Animal Hospital. I mainly assisted the veterinarians and other workers at the animal hospital with cleaning and organizing. This experience was very valuable to me and I got to meet some very cute four-legged patients!

Community Service


During the past summer, I volunteered at the EcoTarium’s Rocket Day event. At this event, I was primarily in charge of a craft station where park-goers could create and illustrate their own planet. There was an assortment of other activities that they could participate in, from driving a model moon rover to creating paper rockets. I also assisted in some setup and cleanup. It was fun to get to work with children of all ages and even some adults that participated in this fun activity!

STEM Week at Abby Kelley Foster Charter School

Mass Academy offered STEM week activities and lessons to the students at the Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School. I worked with a couple of other Mass Academy juniors to teach fourth grade classes about basic computer science and binary numbers. We created binary baubles (beaded jewelry or keychains that correspond to the spelling of their names in binary) and engaged in teaching them about binary numbers utilizing visuals such as large cards with dots on them. I really enjoyed sharing my love of STEM with these younger students!