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Amith Chintalapati

A picture of me in India in front of a dragon statue

Welcome to My Website!

About Me

Hi, my name is Amith Chintalapati. I am 16 years old and a member of Mass Academy class of 2023. If you want to learn more about me, explore my page!

Before coming to Mass Academy, I was attending Saint John’s High School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Before that, I attended Saint Bernadette Middle School in Northborough. As of now, I live with my two parents and my older brother, who just recently moved out for college. My brother also attended Mass Academy, and his input was one of the main reasons why I decided to come here. I have lived in Massachusetts pretty much all of my life, but when I was a baby, I lived with my grandparents for a year. I have also had a couple pets over the years, mostly fish.

A picture of me in Kindergarten Another picture of me in Preschool A picture of me in Second Grade
A picture of my brother and I at a Celtics game


I have always been a big sports fan, especially when it comes to basketball. My favorite basketball team is the Celtics and I always love going to their games, especially during the playoffs. Even though the Celtics are my favorite team, Steph Curry has always been my favorite player. I don't watch much baseball, but I do watch a lot of football games during football season and I have always repped the Patriots since I grew up in Massachusetts. I have never been to a Pats game but hopefully I can go someday.


When I’m not in school, I enjoy playing basketball with friends, going on runs, and drawing. I also enjoy in-school activities such as Robotics, Math Team, Model United Nations (UN), and Mock Trial. I have participated in Math Team since the 7th grade at my middle school. Math competitions have always interested me as problem-solving within time constraints makes it even more exciting. In middle school, I competed in the competitions that Saint John’s held and in high school, I competed in the Worcester Country Math League. At Mass Academy, I am currently participating in Robotics and Math Team, and look forward to doing many more extracurriculars at MAMS!

I also really enjoy discussing world events and trying to find solutions to world problems. I really found a passion for this when I joined the Model UN club at my sending high school and while MAMS doesn't offer a Model UN Club, I still try to find ways to participate in discussions about world events and problems. One of the ways I did this was by creating a website where people can have discussions about problems in the world and share their opinions on different topics that they might be interested in. If you want to check out the website and contribute to some of the discussions, its called Engaged-Youth. Check it out!


I also love visiting new and interesting places with my family on vacations. Here are some pictures that I took when my family travelled to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

A picture of the Bellagio Hotel A picture of the Eifel Tower in Vegas A picture of the Grand Canyon

I have been to 7 countries to date, and I can’t wait to visit more. If I had to give my favorites, I would definitely say traveling to India is always fun because I get to visit my family including my grandparents and cousins. I also really enjoyed my trip to Mexico because it was a really relaxing vacation and I got to spend a lot of time by the beach. Finally, I would say that going to the United Kingdom was cool because I got to watch some Wimbledon matches and see Buckingham Palace.

Community Service

I had a lot of fun at MAMS this year and part of that was taking doing community service both in and outside of school. One of the opportunities I got for community service through school that I really enjoyed was Touch Tomorrow. Here, we got to display some of the cool stuff we had been working on throughout the year to middleschoolers and the general public. Presenting the physics demos that we had done in class to younger kids was especially cool since we got too see their reactions when something weird happened. We also got to present some of the STEM research projects which helped build my presentation skills.

Another community service opportunity that I enjoyed doing this year was outside of school. I have always been passionate about environmental sustainability and education so I started giving workshops to middleschoolers in local libraries and schools to empower them and garner interest in the field. This also helped my presentation skills since I had to lead long discussions and interactive games with lots of other people and lots of moving pieces.