alex chen's website

Hi, my name is Alex Chen, and I am (or was, depends on when you’re viewing this) a student at Mass Academy. Welcome to my website!

Outside of school, I'm 20% theater kid, 30% programmer, 70% gamer, and 10% 0% mathematician.


I was born and raised in Massachusetts my entire life. I spent part of my elementary school in North Reading, at Batchelder Elementary School (go bulldogs!). In third grade, I moved to Sherborn and spent part of elementary school, middle school, and a little bit of high school in the Dover-Sherborn school system. Then, for my junior year, I applied and got into Mass Academy. It’s definitely a different experience from before, but I'm excited to see what comes next!

little Alex at a math competition representing his school
me in costume


After seeing my brother perform, I decided that I would give my school's drama program a try in 6th grade. I was cast as a sailor on DSMS's production of The Little Mermaid. I haven't stopped ever since -- I think my favorite role to play in any production was Joseph Pulitzer in Newsies. I've performed in a total of 6 musicals, 4 plays, and a single dinner murder mystery. Visit the DS Drama website for more information on current and past shows.

TRUE Robotics logo

Community Service

For the majority of my junior year community service, I did work at TRUE Robotics, an organization making educational robots for elementary and middle schoolers. While I was working there,I filled a variety of roles such as doing research on outreach, assembling and disassembling robots, and working on the progressive web app. It was a great learning experience, but more importantly, it allowed me to apply the skills I had in order to create good.

In addition, I also participated in STEM Education Week at Mass Academy, going to Tatnuck Magnet School in Worcester to assist in giving STEM lessons to middle schoolers. Being able to interact with the little kids and watch them get excited over STEM was an incredibly gratifying experience.


You call it an addiction, I call it an obsessive hobby. Video games are my way to connect with my friends, no matter how far apart we are. I love sandbox games like Terraria and Minecraft, but I'm also a sucker for challenge in the form of games like Celeste, Hollow Knight, and Hades. You can see my video game activity here. I'm also trying to get better at designing games: see squid type, a typing game I made with my friend Mint. Currently, I'm messing around a little bit with the Unity game engine for making video games.

Other Fun Facts

I don’t have a dog or cat, but I do have a lot of chickens.


I used to hate naptime in pre-school. I am currently regretting that decision.