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Intermediate Spanish

Our language class is the intermediate Spanish class and is taught my Mrs. Wildfong. This class emphasizes language learning through immersion. This means that the language is taught through reading books, watching films, and talking with classmates – all in Spanish. Below are some examples of my work.

Artist Presentation

Since this class not only focuses on learning the language, but the culture as well, one assignment was to research a Latin-American painter, and present the facts in Spanish. The artist I chose was Xul Solar, an Argentinian painter with a very fantastical style. We were tasked with presenting basic facts about the artist, such as birth and death date, and then picking three paintings to describe. The challenge here was that we weren’t allowed to have text on the slides. This meant we had to rely on memorization and understanding to describe the paintings. Below is my presentation, as well as the transcribed speaker notes. Please note they are in Spanish.

Spanish Memes

A particularly fun assignment we had was to create memes about Mass Academy. However, since it was language class, these memes had to be in Spanish. The assignment was to create three memes about three different classes. Here are brief explanations of each meme, since they can be difficult to understand without context:

Elevator: We learned about elevators in multiple subjects: math, physics, and STEM. For physics, it was apparent weight and acceleration. For math, it was the elevator modeling problem where you try to streamline elevator function to transport office workers. For STEM, it was creating elevator pitches. Because of this, we joked that if we were in an elevator and it failed, instead of bracing ourselves, we would start calculating the acceleration.

Presentation: This one is a little more self-explanatory: Sometimes we feel inspired to work on our STEM project, and then it doesn’t work. Tough luck.

Winnie the Pooh: In gym, we have one instructor named Miles Ketchum. He walks extremely fast, and many people can’t keep up with him. Usually when walking up to campus for gym class, our group splits into two since people lag behind. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to make a meme about people who walk slowly.