Our physics class is taught by Mrs. Chase. This course teaches both algebra and calculus-based physics concepts, covering mechanics, gravity, electricity, and more. Through collaborative work, as well as labs, these physics concepts are explored in a hands-on way. Below are some examples of my work.

Motion Lab

At the beginning of the year, we investigated displacement, velocity, and acceleration and how they are related. For our first lab, we were tasked with observing a cart rolling down a ramp, and a battery-powered car. By measuring data, we found which car traveled at a constant velocity and which car accelerated. We then wrote up our results. I worked with Lily and Giang, and we decided to measure the distance the car traveled and the time it took for the car to travel that far. We then graphed this data and used it to support our claims. Below is the write-up.

Dynamics Lab

Another lab we did was the dynamics lab. This time, we explored friction on a surface. We were allowed to create our own experiment, and so Anne, Emily and I chose to explore if μ (the coefficient of friction) remained constant for a given object on a given surface, and if the angle of incline affect the frictional force acting upon an object sliding down a ramp. To accomplish this, we slid a block down ramps of varying heights, recording acceleration and height so we could calculate the angle and frictional force. Below are the results of the lab.