STEM Supporting Documents

Optimizing the Graphene-Rubber Composition of a Run-Flat Tire through a CAD-Assisted Stress Analysis

This webpage is dedicated to the documentation recorded during research. It is important to keep track of all of the information being collected both in regards to research through literature and experimentation. For this reason, there are three important supporting documents that are show cased. The Project Brief is the definition of what this project entails, and contains all the necessary details regarding what the research seeks to understand. The Project Notes are a repository of research done at the beginning of the project, aimed at understanding what knowledge gaps exist in the field, and what research has already been done. The synthesis of this research is the Literature Review, which is written as a summary of the research done in the Project Notes. In order to fully understand the project, it is essential that an understanding of the supporting documents is met.

Literature Review

Project Proposal

Project Notes