French, taught by Madame Wildfong, is a deep dive into French language and culture. Through consistent exposure to French media, and the regular maintenance of a vocabulary journal, students are engaged with French culture. Participation is widespread and greatly encouraged in this class, and students are enabled to strengthen their speaking skills through continued practice with peers. The class is extremely fun and hands on, and we often play games and partake in fascinating projects, such as cooking French food for a class lunch, or filming a movie completely in French. Scroll down below to learn more about my work in French thusfar!

Recipe Presentation

During B Term, we were given the opportunity to choose a meal from a French-speaking country’s cuisine, and cook it for a class lunch. The meal I chose to prepare was called Khao Jee, a rice recipe from the French-speaking country of Laos. After cooking the food, we had to prepare a presentation for the class, to present the recipe for our dish. Attached below is my presentation.

French Memes

At the beginning of the year, one of our assignments were to create memes in French for a school-wide competition. This assignment was lots of fun, and Mrs. Wildfong posts a new student meme somewhere in the school every week. Shown is an example of one of the memes I made.