Humanities is a course taught by Ms. Small, which examines the connection between history and literature, and places emphasis on answering questions such as “What does it mean to be human?” Classes are mostly discussion-based, which allows students to come together and build off of each other’s ideas. Due to the numerous backgrounds represented at MAMS, the unique perspectives of each and every student play a valuable role in this class, and by presenting their own ideas, students can critically reflect upon their own conceptions of meaning and value. These ideas are then articulated in student writing such as essays and projects. Below are some examples of my writing from throughout the year.

Bradbury Essay

At the beginning of the year, we wrote an analytical essay based on short stories written by Ray Bradbury, a novelist from the 20th century. We were given two texts “August 2026: There will come soft rains,” and “The Pedestrian,” and were tasked to write about which of the pieces more effectively conveyed its message. Although this was not my best paper this year, I think it is important to showcase where I started this year, to show how I have improved over the next months.

Satirical Analysis Essay

In B Term, we wrote a satirical analysis of a piece of our choosing. For my analysis, I decided to take a look at the satirical magazine ‘FAUX’, written by a British environmental awareness campaign named Hubbub to raise awareness about the shortcomings of the fast-fashion industry, and compare it to a New York Times article written about the same issue. Shown here is my analysis of both texts.