About Me

picture of me

Hello readers, my name is Abhinav Bapanapalli, and I am a junior studying at the Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science at WPI! Being able to attend the Mass Academy has so far been on of the most rewarding experiences of my life, as I'm able to engage in a class environment unlike any other school. I was born in Winchester, MA in January of 2005, and have lived in Massachusetts my entire life. Some of my favorite subjects include Math, Geography, and Physics, and in my free time I love listening to music and watching sports. Scroll down to learn more about me.

My Family

Currently I live in Westborough with my mom, dad, and 11-year-old younger brother. Both my parents work in the software industry; my mother works for HMS Holdings as a Data Analyst, and my father is a manager for HERE Technologies. Growing up, my parents made sure that my brother and I were connected to our Indian roots. We consistently practice traditional customs at home, and I am fluent in my mother tongue, Telugu. Although we’re almost always busy at home, we enjoy cooking meals and watching movies together. I'm really grateful for the sacrifices my parents make for my brother and I; they work extremely hard for us, and are by far my biggest role models. They're always willing to make time for me, and serve as strong pillars of support.


Sending School

andover high school

My sending school was Andover High School in Andover, MA. I’ve lived in Andover since I was 9 years old, and had attended the public schools ever since. I enjoyed the environment at my sending school; the classes were rigorous at times, and I enjoyed participating in many of the clubs they had to offer. Although I felt good about the way things were going, I felt drained after hours of working on tedious assignments every day. I heard about the Mass Academy in the winter of my sophomore year, through my friend who suggested that the school may be a good fit for me. After attending the information session in January, I realized that this school offered my ideal learning environment, built on collaboration and unique methods. My family and I decided that attending this school would be a move in the right direction for me, so here I am!