About me!

Community Service

In my sophomore year, I attended the MA Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Seminar. HOBY is an organization dedicated to community service and as a HOBY alum, I've had the opportunity to volunteer with Special Olympics MA and other organizations to give back to my community. I've volunteered at many events for SOMA, including their Summer bocce tournaments and their bowling events that happen in Shrewsbury. Fun fact: Mrs. Post also volunteers with SOMA as a Unified Partner!


My dog is named Augusta but we all just refer to her as Augs! She's almost three years old (her birthday is December 27th!) and she's been part of our family for over two years now! I adore her to bits and pieces! We rescued her during the Covid-19 pandemic through Last Hope K9 Rescue.
I would 100% recommend supporting them and you can see more information on rescuing and the dogs who currently need a home here at Last Hope K9! my dog on the floor my dog curled up on a couch my dog in OBX!


My family and I travel a lot! Here are some images from places where we've been!

Outer Banks!

Popularized by the show, the Outer Banks were a gorgeous place to go! We recently visited the Outer Banks, NC. If you want more information on what you can do in OBX check out Visit OBX!

image from the 2022 rex orange county concert swimmer at states girl in towel


My family is originally from the North of India and a majority of my family lives there! I've been to India around four or five times, but I've remained mainly in the north. I'd love to visit the South more!

me and my mom!


I'm originally from the Midwest, Indiana specifically! My parents both completed their PhDs at Purdue University which is also where I was born! We recently went back to Indiana for my mother's PhD commencement!

my mom and I at her commencement! me and my grandparents back when we lived in Indiana

Food pics!

I love visiting new places and trying new foods! Here are some recent(ish) food pics!

My motto? The phone eats first! here's some of the food I've

pizza from the outerbanks! chicken parm! wraps from OBX


Music is a major part of my life, I'm listening to music almost all the time!
I love going to concerts- I've been to Taylor Swift, Boston Calling, The Backseat Lovers, Jingle Ball, Rex Orange County, the Weeknd, and Post Malone!
According to my last Spotify Wrapped, I listened to around 2.5 hours of music a day! That's around 48,000 minutes from January to November!
Music is one way of communicating my emotions, I believe that each and every moment of my life has a corresponding song that matches it's energy. If you're ever with me studying, you'll probably hear me make a comment about a song not matching the energy!

the concert set up at Leader Bank Pavilion for Rex Orange! the concert set up at Gillette for The Weeknd the concert set up at TD for Jingle Ball