STEM II is a the second part of STEM taught by Dr. Crowthers! In this part of class, we complete our assistive tech group project!

Water YOU Waiting For

Problem Restatement

Water is widely known to be one of the essential building blocks of life, making up 50-75% of a human’s body weight (Popkin et al., 2010). Water is needed for a significant number of processes throughout the body–everything from homeostasis to digestion assistance and skin protection. Therefore, it is unsurprising to hear that a significant amount of water is needed in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that insufficient water consumption can quickly become fatal. Knowing this, it is concerning to learn that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated (Taylor Jones, 2022). The recent rise in caloric beverage intake has only served to increase the likelihood of dehydration and the other harmful issues associated with it (García-Arroyo et al., 2016).
As dehydration was already an issue, this change makes the problem more alarming. Another problem is the lack of awareness surrounding ideal water consumption. Although many people understand the importance of drinking water, they do not have a good grasp on just how much water they should be drinking each day (Albasheer et al., 2021). People often fail to recognize the impact dehydration has on their bodies until a physical symptom arises. Dehydration is an even greater concern for the elderly population, particularly those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, which could cause them to forget to drink water throughout the day (Lauriola et al., 2018; Taylor Jones, 2022).


Since our group had the advantage of already having a project idea coming into this, the brainstorming part of this process was far simpler for us. We had decided that we would engineer a smart water bottle capable of communicating information with an application to better allow users to track their water intake.