Physics is a course taught by Mrs. Chase. In this class we follow the traditional AP Physics curriculum and students have the option to follow a more calculus based method or an algebra method. We begin the year by learning about kinematics and dynamics, and as we grow more familiar with the material, we have quizzes, tests and labs to ensure we fully understand the material and theories behind these units.

In physics, one of the main units we cover in the first half of the year is dynamics! This unit takes up around 16-20% of the entire AP Physics 1 multiple choice section. In this lab, we formed groups within our section, and investigated a formula or law that we had covered in this unit.
I worked with Alex and Arnav on this lab, and we focused on the idea that acceleration due to gravity on Earth remains constant at around 9.8 m/s^2. To do so, we used a cart, a metal track, and physics textbooks to adjust the height of the track. We increased the height of the track by adding more textbooks underneath. We theorized that by changing the angle of the track, we could successfully prove that acceleration due to gravity remains constant.

One of our major concepts in physics concerns momentum. In order to visually represent momentum, we used Vernier Go Carts in lab stations to complete tasks that would better our understanding of elastic and inelastic collisions. I worked with Shreya and Anshika on this and we used our data to prove impulse-momentum theorem and the conservation of momentum.