Mrs. Wildfong is our world language teacher for all of the sections. I currently take French which is the smallest section! We separate at certain times into advanced and intermediate levels.

One of our first units in Advanced French was on fairytales. We read Beauty and the Beast and watched a 1950s movie adaptation. The costumes used in the 50s were mildly terrifying, but it wsa interesting to see the variations between the versions. After we watched the movie, the advanced french class wrote their own fairy tales. Fairy tales use the imperfect tense, also known as the imparfait. In order to write this fairytale, we were required to use the imparfait.

French explores more than just the language. We also explore french food, slang, and culture. In this project, all of the french students, intermediate and advanced, had a buffet-style class in which each student prepared a dish for everyone else to eat. We had appetizers, main meals, and desserts. I prepared a gratin dauphinois, a potato dish with a LOT of cream and milk. Definitely not for the lactose-intolerant! After the buffet, we presented our recipes and process to the whole class.